A powerful integrated PLC programming environment and a user friendly and easy to use HMI development application.

OPENcontrol provides advanced trajectory and dynamics control algorithms.

Key features

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Fully customizable HMI
  • +1000 PLC functions including axes interpolation
  • Digital Twin
  • Cutting-edge Tool Center Point (TCP) algorithms
  • Custom kinematics & virtualizations
  • High Speed Cutting algorithms
  • Splines Interpolation
  • Predictive Dynamics
  • Multi-axis Electronic CAM
  • Volumetric Compensation

A modern and attractive HMI:

  • Web based
  • Multiplatform
  • Touch Screen oriented
  • Adaptive shape (automatically scalable wrt the monitor size)
  • Network distribution

Fully customizable HMI

The Layout Builder tool allows to configure custom video panels in a few clicks and without any software developing knowledge. Moreover, for the most experienced users, OSAIcnc provides the Process Controller Engine, a tool which allows to integrate third party applications and develop even more complex interfaces

Custom kinematics & virtualizations

OSAIcnc provides a wide range of virtualizations and kinematics for managing complex axes geometries and most of the applications, from Wood Milling machining centers to Waterjet Cutting machines or even SCARA robots.

Predictive dynamics

Advanced Dynamics Control algorithms to push machine performance to the maximum limits set on the axes.

High speed cutting

Innovative Splines Interpolation algorithms, which can be programmed in combination with OSAIcnc PREDICTIVE DYNAMICS, achieving cutting-edge results in terms of cycle time and accuracy.

Integrated PLC

  • IEC 61131-3 development environment
  • Multi-tasking real-time execution
  • Up to 250 tasks, 10 priority levels
  • Cyclic and event-driven tasks
  • +1000 functions available including axes interpolation
  • Custom and C++ integrated functions
  • On-line debugging (tracing, breakpoint etc.)


With the O-SCOPE, the Cycle Time Evaluation tool and several exhaustive DEBUG HMI Pages OSAIcnc provides an all-around system to monitor and debug its customers’ applications.

IoT Solutions

OSAIcnc has implemented the OPC-UA Communication Protocol, the standard in the industry 4.0 perspective. OPENControl, in fact, is able both to collect a large amount of data on the online devices status and to make them available for future analysis, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Digital Twin

The OSAIcnc offline simulator uses the same NC software as the controller, allowing complete CNC application development and testing on the PC.