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60 years of experience in CNC systems

At the end of the Fifties the production of traditional machine tools by OMO (Officina Meccanica Olivetti) is booming. The company keeps abreast of technological developments and pays close attention to the new opportunities offered by electronics. As a result, in 1957 the OSAI (Olivetti Sistemi Automazione Industriale) division is founded, focusing on robots and numerical control systems.

From its foundation, OSAI continued to improve the technological level of its offerings and the product range kept on growing, especially towards advanced solutions of “flexible automation”. The diversity of machining made possible by interconnecting robots and NC machine tools laid the foundations for the complete automation of the factory thus reducing the labour count and increasing production levels to satisfy the huge demands of the market. In the following years, OSAI opened its market orientation, gaining international prominence for all the applications requiring customized CNC solutions with special functionality.

In April 1982, Olivetti announces an important agreement signed with Allen-Bradley, an American heavyweight in industrial automation, and hence the joint venture OSAI-AB is created.

In 1997 OSAI leaves Rockwell Automation, returning to be an independent company. Specializing in numerical controls and automation systems OSAI continues, in the ensuing 10 years, its growth in international markets.

In 2007 Prima Electronics, a major Italian manufacturer in industrial electronics, takes over OSAI and merges it into Prima Electro Spa.

OSAI, the leader in the Italian CNC market, is internationally recognized for applications in woodworking, stone and glass machining. Its success is due to a combination of high-tech products and a sales and support organization which is capable of managing the most demanding applications.


1957  Foundation of OSAI (Olivetti Sistemi Automazione Industriale) as the electronic division of Olivetti

1982 Agreement with Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation Group): OSAI-AB joint venture

1997 OSAI separates from Rockwell Automation and returns to be an independent company

2007  Prima Electronics buys OSAI Srl and Prima Electro is founded, company rebrands and develops the new CNC family OPENcontrol

Brand history

More than sixty years of experience in the CNC sector and a global vision on the machine tool market: Since 1957, OSAI means precision, reliability and high performance. The sophisticated axis dynamics control, various powerful user interfaces and the possibility to work with the most common fieldbuses in the machine automation market make OSAI a reliable and trustworthy partner for the most important manufacturers in the market. In woodworking, plastics, glass and stone machining, OSAI drives the most advanced motion control evolution in terms of technology, costs optimization and product customization.

For special applications in metalworking, OSAI stands out thanks to the flexibility of the hardware and software solutions, to offer ad hoc configurations, according to the needs of the customers.

With more than 80,000 installations worldwide in CNC applications, OSAI has taken the modularity and precision of CNC systems to new standards in partnership with numerous machine tool builders.