When “special” becomes standard

In order to manage more than 60 axes (analog and digital), 600 digital I/O and almost 20 processes (active at the same time), Stemas opted for a CNC + industrial PC from OSAIcnc. A reliable, scalable and performance orientated solution, which allowed Stemas to comply with the ever more demanding requests of productivity and versatility in woodworking machines.

CITY: Pesaro
OSAICNC SOLUTION: Monitor 15”, IPC NISE3140, OPENcontrol CNC, OPENrio I/O, Sigma-5 SD
For this specific application this control can perfectly manage at least 600 digital inputs/ outputs, for a total of 61 analog and digital axes managed. An highly productive and flexible configuration with a total of 19 processes, all contemporary active according to the requests of the working cycle required. Basically, using only 1 CNC it was possible to successfully manage the whole plant.
Roberto Baldelli

Electronics and Automation Manager