Locatelli Macchine

Two multi-axis turning centers for turning and sanding all wooden products

OSAIcnc and Locatelli have joined together for a successful production line that yields great results of improved precision and processing speed.

The fully automatic process, controlled by the OPENcontrol CNC, consists of Multimatik S CNC + Cobot UR 10e  + Orientalmatik.

It is an ideal flexible machining center for turning and sanding all wooden products up to a maximum length of 1500mm and a maximum turning diameter of 140mm.

Two multi-axis turning centers are utilised for part production while the OSAIcnc OPENkey control, Yaskawa MLIII axes and Industrial pc IPCLite all coordinate with each other alongside a robot.

The two turning centers can either work in-line with a robot that transfers parts between the two lathes or in stand alone mode, with the robot stationary, so that each works independently of the other.

With the in-line configuration, extremely short cycle times and consequently a major improvement in production volumes have been achieved.

WEBSITE: www.locmac.it
CITY: Almè (BG)
OSAICNC SOLUTION: OPENcontrol CNC, Sigma-5 SD, OPENkey control, Yaskawa MLIII axes, Industrial pc IPCLite

The new line developed with OSAIcnc has been met with great appreciation. We are now working on making a new twin line, as part of a successful and ongoing partnership .

Fulvia Locatelli

Managing Director