COMPACTconsole TS2

The complete panel COMPACTconsole TS2 consists of two modules - "Operator Panel" and "Keyboard" – incorporating a Monitor, Control Panel (functions buttons and potentiometers), Keyboard, Touchpad and USB port.
COMPACTconsole TS2 is designed for panel mounting and includes:

  • 15” Touch Screen Monitor
  • Customizable Control Panel (standard functions: 8 buttons to select the operation mode, Cycle Start, Hold, Reset plus 3 buttons for general functions)
  • 2 customizable rotary selectors (standard functions: spindle and cutting speed override)
  • Emergency button kit
  • Kit for 2 electromechanical elements (buttons, selectors etc.)
  • 1 USB port

OPENconsole has been designed to meet many different application requirements. Its modules can be combined in order to create a customized interface suitable for wide-ranging machining processes and for CNC machine tools.

  • 17” or 19” Industrial Monitor with touchscreen
  • Main control panel
  • Control panel extension, customizable
  • Keyboard with touch-pad or trackball
  • Connecting element with USB port

Light, easy to manage and with an ergonomic design, OPENwiTP is a reliable wireless remote control for CNC-machining centers. OPENwiTP performs the key functions required during machine setup giving the operator direct visual inspection of the area of the machine being controlled. OPENwiTP is SIL3-rated and IEC61508 certified. This one handed ergonomic terminal with a robust design ensures ease of use and safety even in harsh operational environments.
The kit is made up of:

  • Teach pendant operator console
  • Recharge docking station with connectors
  • base station to be installed in the cabinet and a cable for external antenna installation
Industrial Monitors

Complete line of industrial monitors for panel mounting, all equipped with a resistive touchscreen, a selection of digital input ports and comes in a solid and light metal frame.

With a format ranging from 10.4” (resolution 800x600) up to 17” (resolution 1280x1024), these monitors suit a wide range of applications and are the perfect complement to OSAI CNC models (OPENsmart, OPENkey, OPENprime and OPENprime-i) for CNC or General Motion Control (GMC) applications.

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