Laser & Plasma Cutting Technology

Laser & Plasma cutting technology

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OPENCut is the new technological solution by OSAIcnc, designed for sheet metal working, 2D and 3D/Bevel cutting. OPENCut systems, simplify installation and commissioning, optimizing the time-to-market thanks to the most advanced Software modules and Hardware components:

  • Technological database of the material, customizable on board
  • HMI and OPENCut software programming, multi-touch oriented with 2D or 3D graphics to control program execution
  • Automatic selection of cutting technology
  • Technological offsets management of 2D and Bevel/3D cutting parameter compensation
  • Machine logic program pre-defined and easy to customize
  • Diagnostic and maintenance configurable via customized pages
  • Different Operator Panel solutions
  • Latest generation OPENcontrol CNC
  • Drives connected via EtherCAT fieldbus

The technological database integrated in OPENCut is made by up to 10 Piercing lines and 10 Cutting lines for each material and thickness. Moreover, there are functions for duplication, export, import and delete of every material in the database. Cutting parameters are managed using G-CODE/Macros customizable by the machine builder. Real-time PLC, integrated in the NC, can be completely customized with more than 450 available functions in the logic machine and via a system including external software algorithms, implemented with high-level languages.